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7 Figure Sleep Practice

Dec 5, 2019

Today’s thought from Avi Weisfogel is more about how you're going to get to the next level. Avi talks about the importance of sales and sales leadership to bring your dental business to the next level. Learn more about Dental Sleep Medicine and Avi Weisfogel's Dental Sleep MBA, dental coaching program

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Take Your Dental Business to the Next Level

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Transcript of the Video and Podcast:

So we're putting together a really neat sales and leadership summit. This is the first of many of these to come. What is business in general? Any business, no matter what business you're in.

Sales rules, high sales cures all. If you're doing a lot of selling, you're doing well. Now as a dentist, maybe selling seems to you a little bit different. Why? Because people are coming to you asking for your expertise and so you're selling them. But how many patients. Sold. Did you sell a crown too?

How many of those patients needed that crown? And I mean, a really needed it. Like what happens if they don't have that crown? Anything? Life is over. They have one less tooth to chew on. What happened? We would just take that to the out. So you're selling them a service. Now you're selling them something you're used to selling.

So you're not thinking of yourself as a salesperson. So. How do we then create a salesperson out of someone who doesn't consider them to be a sales person? And this is what we want to help you do. Let's talk about leadership. Turning dentists into leaders right now. This is one of the things that most, and the struggle is staff, staff turnover.

Uh, getting staff to do what you need them to do, what you're asking them to do, getting them to do it. Uh, and be happy to do it. You know, getting peak performance out of your staff. I've seen a lot of dentists who have staff like the same three staff members for 45 years, and typically those offices, coast money is of zero concern whatsoever.

You do however you do, and everybody's happy and everybody does their jobs and it wouldn't work any other way. I've also seen dentists offices where staff turnover is like 18 months or less. And there's another staff member and another staff member, and it's usually not about money. It's usually just about life.
You know, life getting in the way. What is stopping this person from achieving their goals and their dreams? Is it you? Is all of a sudden the grass greener at doctor so and so's office rather than your office? What was it that your office was not able to do? And usually this comes down to simple leadership.

So today's tip. For you is to focus on what you're doing well. So a lot of people tend to look at the negative aspects of it all. What's not working? This isn't working, that isn't working well. Something's working. You have a business, it's open. You have some patients come to you. I assume you have some satisfied patients.

What is it that worked that got you those patients? What were the behaviors? What were the marketing strategies? How did that person end up in your office? And it's called focusing on those positives rather than dwelling on the negatives. Hey, we produced X amount this month, but we really needed to produce X plus Y.

We'll start focusing on the fact that in order to produce, let's say, 100,000 a month, you first need to produce 50 what did you do that got you to produce that 50,000 and what behaviors can you repeat that will allow you to get to a hundred. So you've got to do different things to get you there, but you got to focus in on the ones that are working and do more of the same.

Whatever's working, keep doing it. Chances are things will end up exactly where you want them to. Eye on the prize guys. Goals systems get you everywhere, right? So I was speaking to someone today. We were talking about how, you know. Slow and steady can win the race when it comes to sleep. Dental, sleep, medicine, which is where we worked.

Sure, you have to be slow and steady because if you try to rush it, nothing will come faster. But if you're repeating the same steps lowly. And they're not steps that make sense regardless of how frequently you do it. Probably not going to get anywhere. So what do you do? Slow steady goals, system coaching to take you to that level.

That wins out every time. Have a great day!

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